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Commercial Re-roof Services

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When Is Re-roofing Necessary?

A re-roof is necessary when an older commercial roof has reached the end of its protective qualities and is beginning to show signs of potential for leakage.

When On-going Repairs Are No Longer Enough

Ongoing repairs can increase the life expectancy of a commercial roof, but often the age of the roofing material and environmental conditions require a new roof to be installed.

The re-roofing process

 The re-roofing process involves a complete tear-off of the existing roof. Our team of commercial experts can replace an entire roof without damaging the structure. Our process involves preparing the area around the existing roof, so dirt, dust, and debris to the structure are mitigated. 

Over 40 years experience

 With over 40 years experience in the commercial roofing industry, we specialize in all types of slope and flat services in the Greater Seattle area.

Washington State Energy Code Compliance

We will work with you and verify your re-roofing project complies with the Washington State Energy Code Commercial Provisions. Sometimes more efficient roofing materials are available since the original roof installation. We will help you determine a roof system that matches our quality standards and your budget.

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Our BUR roofing systems come with a five-year guaranteed to be five-year guarantee.
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Some Signs A Roof May Need Replacing:

How old is the roof?

 Each type of roofing system has a life span. Depending on materials used, on-going maintenance program in place, drainage, and environmental details, your roof may just be getting too old to be repaired. When you look at the roof does it pass a visual inspection?

Can you observe leaks?

Water intrusion can lead damage to your structure. A leaking roof should be corrected immediately to avoid property damage. A leaking commercial roof may be a signal it needs replacing.

Can you observe staining?

 In commercial buildings, you can often see the roof framing and other high-ceiling common areas. Observing water staining even if you don’t see a leak can be an indication of bigger problems.

Can you observe ponding?

This is the excessive accumulation of water in low-lying areas on a commercial roof. When a commercial roof has poor drainage, ponding occurs near the drains or other areas where water drainage is essential. Leaks will eventually happen in ponding areas.

Can you observe delamination?

 This is the separation of the laminated layers of a roofing system. If you observe seams that have become separated on an older commercial roof it may be time to replace it.

Can you observe blisters?

This is when enclosed pockets of air or bubbles form under your existing roof because of trapped moisture inside. While these blisters are repairable, if you observed many of them it may be time to replace the roof.

Can you observe fractures?

Cracks or fractures in your roofing system membrane are often a sign of a dried out roof membrane. This dehydration of a roof membrane will cause it to be inflexible to stress or roof movement. This inflexibility will result in fractures and leakage.

Can you observe damaged flashing?

Damaged flashings are caused by the drying or cracking of roof sealant around pipes, vents and other penetrations, can create openings small and large, allowing water intrusion.

Can you observe granule loss?

Do you see roof granules piling up on your roof? Do you notice bare spots in the roof membrane? Natural Weathering or the constant exposure to heat, water, and condensation will eventually affect the physical properties of the roofing materials.


Our roof replacements come with a full manufacturers warranty.

When considering the purchase of a new roofing system, a review of two separate warranties is essential. There is a manufacturers’ warranty on the products used to create the specific roofing system. This warranty will cover any defects in the manufacture of the roof membrane. You can review the entire NRCA’s consumer advisory bulletin addressing roofing warranties for helpful information. Upon project completion, your contractor should provide you with a certificate for your records.

Also, your roofing contractor will provide you with a warranty covering the labor and installation of the roofing system.  This warranty will include what is covered and what is not. SQI Roofing offers a five-year warranty on all roofing installations in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty.

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SQI Commercial Roofing Services

We are long-time licensed roof applicators for Firestone Building Products, Fibertite, and Carlisle SynTec.

New Construction

We work with major developers and architects to provide the high quality roofing new and reconstruction projects need. We have the experience necessary to provide realistic estimates and time-frames for large scale jobs.

Maintenance And Repair

We can take care of all your maintenance and repair needs. If you have a leak, give us a call. We will get one of our leads out there as soon as possible to assess and repair the damage. We also provide cleanings and inspections.

Re-Roofs Replacements

We are long-time licensed roof applicators for Firestone Building Products, Fibertite, and Carlisle SynTec. These three key industry leading manufactures provide the highest quality roof replacement materials.

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